Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Food blogger/writer, Jack Monroe.

Recently, I've been obsessed with food bloggers, cook books and bloggers that work with a budget. With a plus one that costs a bomb to feed and a budget that just doesn't stretch to it, I needed help.

Step up,

I can really identify with Jack, having been in a similar situation not that long ago - minus a small dependent. She's made such a positive of a negative that affects so many of us but we don't talk about it!

This girl is the answer to all my problems. If you're not that flush and you can't quite stretch to a cook book purchase, do as I did and run down to the library, after all it's what they're there for! And I'm sure Jack wouldn't mind. 

I choose a bread recipe, falalfel, gnocchi, satay chicken, meatballs, ice cream, a Mediterranean dish and one or two extras and headed down to tesco to pick up the ingredients. It came to a whopping £26 (a major bargain) and that included extras such as cereal bars. 

I spent an entire day filling my freezer with all these dishes & so far so good. We're still working through the ones he likes and doesn't like but if you're looking for a challenge, a way to save a bit without giving up taste or healthy eating then this is the lady for you! 

Oh and good news! she has a second book coming, around my birthday! (hint, hint anyone.)

R x