Sunday, 8 September 2013


The weather is definitely on the change! Which can only mean one thing.. a new wardrobe! I have to say I much prefer the colder months; I think they're far more comfortable and easy to get right; I've seen some very wrong this summer! 

So a few things I've got my beady eye on are.. 

(Left to right)

The classic mac, as i'm a shorty the long macs look a bit ridiculous on me no matter how many I try on, this length is just perfect and such a classic style! You cannot go wrong with this. It's £16.00 from Asda George collection. 

We've all been drooling over the satchels this season and they're definitely here to stay for the winter! This one has such a easy to wear colour and will complete almost any outfit. From Topshop at £34.00

These are super stretch trousers from H&M - what's not to love? The colour is perfect for slimming those legs and making them look longer and they're a respectable £14.99

And finally to top my dream winter wardrobe off I need a new winter jumper! this flattering peach open stitch is from New Look; New Look are very good at the winter look & their jumpers last forever (I've had one for four years!) So you know you're getting your monies worth at £22.99

The look this coming season seems to feature a heavy punk influence, not sure how I'm going to squeeze that into my style but let me know if you are! 

R x