Friday, 20 September 2013

GlossyBox September.

Sorry for the lack of posts recently, we've been super busy with the new academic year, work and ahhh!
One thing I am glad of in these super stressful times is my monthly delivery of GlossyBox! 
I have to say - I've tried a few others now and I really am sold on Glossy, I would highly recommend it to anyone. 

I also didn't want to upload this and spoiler alert anyone's deliveries! But here it is! The London edition, quite fitting as my partner is from London and we're off there soon. I love all aspects of London; aside from the way they shove you around. I'm short (the tallest girl in my family!) and this can be a bit of an issue for me.

So we have! A be a bombshell onyx eye liner; now I've been meaning to buy a new one for ages as my benefit ones have run a bit dry, I love when that happens cause it's full size too! It's normally $14 and really easy to use. I've been putting it really close to the lash line just for a subtle work look. 

Next up is the Toni & Guy classic shine and gloss serum, I haven't use this yet but my hairdressers often use a serum on my hair and I always love the smell, so high expectations for this bad boy! I shall let you know. It's £7.19 for 30ml but I imagine it would last for ages. 

We've all heard of Eyelure lashes and I'm excited to have a chance to wear these, they're pre-glued which i've never used before, it could either be an absolute nightmare or a god send, I shall update you on that one. One set of lashes normally costs £5.06 .. odd pricing but considering the lash market pretty average. 

Then I got the Rimmel Stay blushed blusher/cheek tint; I've tried a benefit tint and really didn't like it and now it sits in my bathroom just looking at me. So I'm skeptical about this one but will definitely give it a go in the colder months to look a bit more normal and not so pale. It's £4.49 for 14ml a lot cheaper than benefit as well!

Last but not least; Elizabeth Arden perfume Untold, I love perfume, but they're just not very affordable. I haven't tried this one yet but I hope I don't love it too much as it's £48 for 50ml an average price but without sticking on a Christmas list and hoping some relative takes pity on my non-parfumed self.. I doubt I'll be re-buying. 

Lastly, I'd just like to add a funny story of what happened in Debenhams the other day, I walked passed the benefit counter and they're promoting their new blush rockateur and the assistant asked if I'd like to try it. My boyfriend chipped up that he would love to see how it matches his skin tone, which had everyone roaring. When I did get round to having a little demo, I felt a bit.. distressed that the make up brush had probably touched 50 faces before me.. ugh. And to be honest, I looked ridiculous, I have rosy fat cheeks naturally and it made me look a bit of a clown. Probably not for me then! 

R x