Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Sales! Bargains!


Apologies for my absence, this time of year is certainly a busy one, between work, buying presents and all the usual hum drum it's been a bit manic. 

It's the time of year where the sales are kicking in and although Christmas day hasn't been yet Marks and Spencer have sorted us out for spending that money that burns a hole in your pocket once you get it. 

1. Nature's Extracts Cranberry Candle £3. 2. Spotted Cosmetic bag £3. 3. Florentyna Bath Oil Decanter. £6.25. 4. REN Clean Skincare discovery kit. £15 (from £40!) 5. NUXE gift set. £18. 6. Eye shadow Brush £1.75

After a little M&S event with Ruth recently that included a lovely tour of the beauty products i'm super excited to get my paws on NUXE and REN at these prices. 

Merry Christmas!