Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Wish list!

Here's what I've been drooling over recently,

First up is a divine perfume from Jo Malone 

It's the peony and blush scent - it's a sweet and fresh smelling perfume. It's not too heavy and I would say more of a daytime wear, a lot of the Jo Malone scents can be strong and domineering but this is delicate. The small version here pictured is £39, you can layer the scents as well. 

*I also found out recently that if you pop in store they will provide a complimentary hand and arm massage with the scent you would like. That way you can make sure it suits your skin and needs.

I have two real techniques brushes, they are brilliant I have to say. I know you've probably heard that a million times and read it a million times too. I was sceptical as well as a lot of bloggers know each other very well or were gifted, I am neither so I hope that fills you with faith! This pack is a good starting foundation and works out about £4.50 per brush. They're out of stock on feel unique at the moment so I'm biding my time. 

 I recently picked up a black gypsy skirt from eBay, and I love it. You can style these skirts in so many ways and I'm thinking perfect for the in-between weather we're having. This is one of my picks to style with it, simply type into eBay Celine tshirt and this bad boy will come up for £5.99. Simply style tucked into the skirt and werk the look! 

And finally, 

I've seen this bedding on other blogs and isn't it the cutest? Asda have really stepped up with their bedding recently. At £12 for a double it's a true bargain, I can't wait to cwtch up into it! 

Do you like any of these? What's on your list? 

R x