Wednesday, 26 February 2014

My go to hair product.

I recently went for a 'full head' of highlights .. You know when you look like an alien with foil stuck all over your head? One of those. 

Anyway my hair sucks up conditioner like you wouldn't believe, I've been known to use three bottles a week... Bad right? So my hairdresser recommended once a week 'treatment' 

So I immediately got to Superdrug and picked up this Herbal Essences bad boy, it was on offer at £1.96 .. Quite the bargain! 

I have to say I use very little, although I do have long thick hair this has really made a difference in my regime. It claims to maintain the ends from splitting so far so good for mine, the smell is divine and it only takes five minutes to do its thing. So no uncomfortable sleep with soaking hair! 

Also, I just have to mention my nail Polish is Ciate which came in my glossybox, I love it! 

R x