Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Matalan Sale!

The amount i'm banging on about Matalan recently I should apply for a job in the marketing and advertising! 
But having popped in on a whim recently I spotted a LBD. 

I left without buying it and it was on my mind everyday, so I went back.. I'm so glad I did. 


This beauty was £35 and is now down to £9! - the material is lovely with a thick feeling and a damn good lining inside. The capped sleeves are helpful to those of us who are exactly thrilled with their arms and the cut of this will help you fake an hour glass figure if you haven't got one. Perfect! 

I also love the fact you can style this up down and make it suit so many occasions, personally I've taken the necklace off to add my own, but you could add a belt, a scarf or just an amazing handbag.. *dreams of a mulberry*

I urge you to pick up this wardrobe must!

R x