Thursday, 17 October 2013

Laura Mercier @ John Lewis

Now I did a post earlier on this week about my experience and findings at the John Lewis PR event, but I wanted to devote a post all on it's own to the Laura Mercier representative. 


I spotted the infamous hand creams that majority of beauty bloggers fall over themselves for, I've never had one nor have I ever smelt one so I marched up to get a good look. 
The smell of them is to die for, I have to say! although individually priced at £43.50 which may not be in all of our budgets - I do believe there will be packs for Christmas with a variety of smaller sizes. 

The representative there was the most helpful, polite and genuine person you could hope for, unfortunately I didn't catch his name but there was no trying to 'hard sell' he just calmly talked about the products with passion and told us about the background of the flavours and Laura taking inspiration from France and the creme patisseries. 
We left the counter with an extremely positive view of the brand and John Lewis and he really couldn't have been more helpful. So thank you! 

I urge you to pop into John Lewis and ask about the brand, the background and just a general chat about the products!

R x