Monday, 10 March 2014

Currently loving..

Here's what I'm currently enjoying or.. Obsessing over!

This album is a girls anthem, a feel good sing along array of songs. This will probably be my soundtrack to summer.. Corny right? 

This tv programme is almost a sec and the city for your 20s although a little more gritty and less designer influence. It's hard hitting, sometimes too relatable and quite graphic but I'm completely hooked. 

You name it, I've tried it! I even begged my partner to fork out for Elizabeth Arden's eight hour balm, quite expensive for what it is and not overly remarkable (for me personally). But, Burt's bees have always been there for me, always in my handbag on stand by for my poor terribly chapped lips. 

Finally, I love any anatomicals product and this is so cheap, cheerful, smells great and I can't wait to try more. Has anyone tried their shampoo or conditioner? Or the lip balm? Let me know! 

R x