Tuesday, 4 March 2014


Before I got the opportunity of a little make up tutorial at John Lewis by Japonesque I have to admit I'd only vaguely heard of the brand. It turns out, I've been really missing out! They're a company 30 years in the making who specialise in tools and accessories and their products are exclusively available through John Lewis.

Here are Japonesque's make up artist to the stars top tips!

Start from the center of the face and blend outwards - if you're looking for a professional make up look the tools are the answer. Let the brush do the work over the face! (Also, Japonesque's foundations are buildable coverage!)

A little goes a long way with concealer and use it to tone down the pink undertones that may be apparent in your complexion.

The softer the brush, the less product it will hold onto and therefore allowing you to control how much is being applied. Nobody wants an over caked looking face! (Japonesque have a one colour powder that suits all skin tones!)

Tap off the excess from your brush, don't go straight from palette to eye. A top tip for coverage and precision is to tilt the head back and blend whilst keeping your eyes open. This will give a realistic position to the product.

Use it to shape the face, and use a rounded brush to sculpt and give definition. Forehead, chin, cheek bones allows for definition.

We did ask what would be the one brush the make up artist couldn't live without and she answered the smudge brush.

This beauty is £12.00 at John Lewis and for its versatility and recommendation from a make up artist to some top celebs I think that's a bargain!

Overall, Japonesque's message as a brand is use the correct tools and you will have the professional look you lust after. You should only have to invest in these once and then if you take proper care of them (gentle shampoo and warm water once a week!) you could have them a lifetime. 

R x