Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Subscription boxes.

A new craze is taking the beauty, fashion and jewelry world by storm; monthly subscription boxes.
I thought it might be helpful to do a post on what boxes are available (the ones I've tried), what you'll get and where to look! 

So firstly, beauty! 

The glossybox.

Self described as the 'ultimate beauty experience' you will receive an array of beauty, skincare and sometimes lifestyle samples or full size products. You can expect brands you were completely unaware of and will never want to be without again & well known beauty gurus. The products will be tailored to a survey you fill in on your preferences and skin/hair types. You will gain 'glossy dots' to then put towards free boxes, provided you are on a rolling subscription. 

Dependent on the type of subscription you choose it will be £10 plus p&p. 

The Birchbox. 

The Birchbox is a similar experience to that of glossy, they may hate me for that; but one box I had recently was virtually identical, I believe there are some spy's in one or the other! They do however, use different brands to glossy so although the products may be the same type the brand probably won't be. Holidays and seasons are represented within the boxes too which is a nice touch. You'll collect points with Birchbox that you can then spend in their shop, this box probably has the best perks in rewards sense. 

Again, £10 with p&p.

The Love me beauty.

The Love me beauty box is a little different in approach, you can choose the products you receive from a selection of three 'menus' if you aren't comfortable with the thought of paying for a box of products you're not sure you'll even use, then this is for you. 
The pricing is again the same £10 plus p&p, again there is a reward scheme for completing reviews. This box isn't as main stream with their products, there's a different feel to this box, I don't quite have the words but it feels more natural. I've never been disappointed with this box, ever!


Astrid & miyu

A secret concept box but with jewelry! This looks so cute, I can't speak from experience with this service but the pieces I've seen have always been so lovely. Again, you can be assured by the survey you complete on your style and preference to avoid any major disasters. This is a great way to keep on trend, have something unique (everyone has the same rings etc from primark don't they?) and the packaging looks like a real treat! This subscriptions is a quarterly one of £39 with free postage and packing. 



(Images from GoogleImages)

If you're like me, eating healthy is a bit tough when the snacking demon takes over me! Here is your answer, the graze box. At £3.89 you can choose to have them delivered as much or as little as you like, you can choose an eating plan if you're trying to be extra healthy and you can rate or bin anything you know you won't like. So completely tailored to you! It's an exciting feeling when the box comes and you can't wait to try the amazing concoctions these geniuses come up with! 

I hope this gives you a little in-sight into these services, and if they would suit you! 

R x