Thursday, 29 May 2014

BB cream

BB cream is one of the new 'in' products, there are so many to choose from, different brands, prices etc where do you turn?! 
If you're like me and really think hard before you buy a product then maybe this budget find will suit you. 

This BB cream is from... the 99p store! 
So as you might have guessed it was 99p - it also boasts a SPF of 15.. can this get much better? the answer is yes!

I can honestly say this is a dream find, it glides on brilliantly, I have very red cheeks and sometimes a quite uneven skin tone, this is like a cross between a tinted moisturisor, foundation and a silky goddess. My mum recommended this and she's quite fussy about what she's uses and has sensitive skin so this may well suit you too! 

I haven't yet tried a more expensive BB cream so I wouldn't be able to recommend if they are any better for the higher price tag but I do urge you grab this even if its for the days you don't wanna use your best stuff!

R x