Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Pink Lipsticks.

I needed a pink lipstick for a dinner, I wanted the gel liner eye, shocking pink lips look.
So I decided to scout around for a budget version. 

Firstly, I popped to Boots, their collection range is usually a fail safe and has so many amazing items (for example the concealer) 

I got this from the Collection Deluxe range, it's in the shade Speakeasy 04 and was £3.99. It's a lovely creamy texture and is probably the least sticky out of the mini haul but isn't as pigmented on the skin as I thought it would be. Didn't suit for my occasion but I will definitely be using it. 

I then popped to Superdrug and had a nose at the MUA stand, has anyone else noticed these are a bit.. destroyed every time you go in? So popular. This is their pinkest lippie in shade 3, it was the brightest I could find in their budget range (£1) but they did have their Luxe glosses which were practically neon. I've found this is a bit more berry colour on me but for £1 it's going to serve me well no matter how pink or berry! 
Did anyone else know about the dipping pot on the end?!

I got this in the MUA sale not that long ago but I can't find it now! I think it was about £1.50 and is a shocking pink and probably the best pigmentation from stick to face of all the purchases. The shade is Ultra Pink if it comes back into stock. 

And finally, I had picked up a little while ago another Collection lasting colour lipstick (baby pink packaging) but the shade appears to be discontinued. The nearest to it now are bubblegum or pink shock.. I'm sure they'll find their way into my collection in my hunt for the ideal pink lipstick.