Sunday, 25 May 2014

New discoveries - Topshop make up.

Yello lovelies! 

I've been hunting for a highlighter for some time, I wanted a mid market one for a change. I've heard a bit about the budget MUA one that's £1.50 and apparently that is good, stonkin good price! 

But I decided Topshop needed to be graced with my presence in the make up department. 

So I picked up the Glow Stick in 'Play Up' it's £10 and just so easy to use. So convenient just bam up the cheek bones and down the nose and you've got a bit of structure to your face, particularly if you're like me with hamster cheeks. 

Then I picked up a cream blush.. I have to be honest, I am one of those people who sticks there fingers into the testers just to feel the consistency.. this is amazing. 
I couldn't quite describe the texture of Benefits Porefessional and neither can I for this, it's light, airy, smooth and creamy. 

I got it in the colour 'Head Over Heels' it's a corally orange, perfect for Spring/Summer tones and especially if you're not short of a bit of redness in the cheeks anyway this adds another dimension. I'm using it quite subtle at the moment but if you're brave enough you could make a real statement. This was only £7!

At the time of me popping into TopShop they were doing an amazing free Lip Gloss offer so I got this 
Bold lips are in ladies! and this will certainly make you stand out. I LOVE it. It's in the colour 'Sweetie' and is £7, it stays on all night (even after a glass or two!) and I can't say enough good things about it. 

R x