Sunday, 25 May 2014

Wish List.

I love a good nose at someones wish list, only problem is, I usually add something from theirs to mine! Here's what I'm lusting after at the moment. 

Topshop jeans are the best you'll ever buy, I mean ever. Nothing else on the high street compares to these, they're so flattering, soft, they retain their shape and last yonks! (Warning: you might have to do the 'topshop squats' the first time you wear them) 

I think I want these just because they're beautiful, that's a good reason right? We all love a bit of rose gold and these just are.. beautiful. Sigh. (Zoeva Brushes)

This rather different looking lippy is the Barry M Genie - it changes colour based on the alkali levels in your lips and will display a shade of pink that should suit you perfectly! I'm really curious to see what it would comes out like on mine. 

I've been reading about the benefits of these little babies for some time and I definitely need to give them a go, you can chuck them in almost anything you're eating not notice they're there and reap the benefits! If you want to try before you invest in a large bag, birchbox have the answer here

The final piece on my wish list was the Glow pots from Topshop but I can't find the colour I want online, I guess another trip to the store is necessary.. Oh damn ;) 

R x