Sunday, 4 May 2014

Benefit - Porefessional

Hello! I'm Back. Sorry for the absence, work,  life general etc.

But this product has been on my mind for blogging, every time I use it I feel I have to put my words across about it. I know there are a lot of reviews out there! 

Firstly, if you've used this you will have noticed the incredible texture this has, it's as light as air (no exaggeration) it blows my mind every time I pop some on my face. 
I have the biggest pores in the universe, seriously.. and I've found this to be a great base product underneath my foundation. 

I've read and heard many reviews from those who were sent this, bought it or had a sample with a beauty box and there are some varying opinions. My advice would be treat it as it's meant to be, an aid for your make up to look more flawless. 

There are a lot of products out there for pore minimisation these days, so try a few and find the perfect one for you (if you can). For me personally, I keep going back to this for my full make up days and if you have quite good skin in summer you could use this with a bit of tinted moisturisor and you'll definitely be satisfied. 

R x