Friday, 9 August 2013

Burt's Bees lip balm.

As i've previously mentioned I'm a habitual or should I say obsessive lip picker; I've always done it and I just can't seem to stop it. So when I invest in a lip balm I stick with it if I feel it's helping. A couple of Christmas's ago I received a Burt's bees gift set and inside was a pomegranate oil lip balm.

It truly is amazing; I find it very smooth to apply, it smells and tastes soothing and comforting. I've often found with lip balms some can be almost de-moisturising? very bizarre but this certainly doesn't happen with this bad boy. It's £3.69 on the Burt's bees website and there are a number of different varieties you can try; I've got my eye on the new pink grapefruit one. I've also found this does pigment your lips slightly so if you're not feeling up to a full on lip colour or you don't have time and want it to be subtle this is the way to go!

There's also an offer on at the moment on the website ( if you buy any four lip balms you get the fifth for free! and believe me that'll last you a year at least! - my recent one passed away after my beloved popped it into the washing machine!

I've just seen this on the website.. If you're like me with chapped lips most of the year and a painful obsession then I think this might be worth a go, I shall definitely looking into getting one of these and let you all know how I get on!

                                                                                R x