Friday, 9 August 2013

Marks and Spencer - Nature's Extracts Collection.

Who doesn't love Marks and Spencer? Over the last few years they really have branched out and become desirable to all age ranges and let's be honest everyone wants to have a house of everything Marks and Spencer.
As a brand they are renowned for good quality, truly British staples and being great employers; what's not to love?

The post today is about just two products that I absolutely love from the Nature's extracts collection; this collection is a capsule that encompasses hand creams, shower gels, bubble baths, hand washes, body butters and I believe recently lip balms.

My favourite is the Sparkling Lemon Verbena range -

This is both the hand cream (the little one) and the shower gel; the smell is an acquired taste and reminds me of Lemon tart or tarte au citron if you will! The hand cream depends on the well known saying a little goes a long way; you really don't need very much at all to feel fully moisturised. I keep one in my handbag, one in my bedroom and a couple of spares just in-case.. you never know eh? and I constantly receive compliments on how soft my hands are, all thanks to this little baby.

The shower gel feels very luxurious and as if you're giving yourself a treat, the smell really lingers on the skin for some time too which I just love whilst sat in my PJ's. This is actually my empty bottle just finished this week - so I must put it on my to buy list.
Now if all this wasn't enough to tempt you to try the range, just wait till you hear the prices! The shower gel is £2.00 for 250ml which will last you a month of everyday showers I'd say, and the hand cream is £1.00 for 50ml which will last you about 2-3 months if you use everyday. How unbelievably good is that I hear you say, well don't rush off yet, it gets better! they normally have a 'buy one get one half price' offer on this range as standard.. so you can have the two for £2.50! There are loads of flavours to choose from so if this one doesn't suit you then don't worry they've got it covered.

I can't be without these in my shower, and i'm sure you won't either now!
R x