Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Nails Inc.

When I was a very young teenager Christmas came around and there was a lot of beauty elements - My had mum spoilt me! and I remember the first time I got a pack of Nails Inc nail polishes.

This was a big deal, firstly they were not a cheap brand and secondly I was building my own collection and not stealing (borrowing!!) from my mum!

Alas that last statement is tangible as the review today used to be one of Mums colours.. It's the Fulham Palace Road polish.

As you can see it's a pale nude colour - it came in a nude collections pack but is outstanding on its own. Although as I mentioned earlier Nails Inc isn't a budget brand the price hasn't changed for a number of years and the quality isn't easily matched by the cheaper varieties. 

It goes on so easily and is so subtle, as always  Nails Inc nail varnishes are a high quality and the pigment is great, you could get away with one coat (with a top glossy coat) and you'd be away. This colour looks great with a tan, good for the office as it's not offensive and can be dressed up for an evening out without having to take it off and reapply!

I can't find it anywhere online at the moment as it's sold out :( but! here is a very similar shade called Basil Street - I've got my eye on this one too! You can't go wrong with Nails Inc, they're investment polishes, I must have about 20 and am yet to run out of one! 

R x