Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Desert Island #2 Liz Earle

Hi everyone, Mandy here.

Well, the weather has turned gloomy. but there is nothing gloomy about my second desert island product.
Liz Earle's Cleanse and Polish, is a lovely twist on the old traditional 3-step skincare routine.
This is a cleanser that comes in a pump-action bottle, thus keeping it germ-free and airtight too.

What is the difference between this cleanser, and all the others available out there?
This lovely creamy cleanser comes with its own cloth to clean, exfoliate and tone the skin.
I personally have dry skin, so I like to place a layer of the cleanser on my skin, leave it for up to 5 minutes, then use the cloth to wipe the product off. The cloths are soft cotton, ( you need to wet the cloth first before wiping the cleanser off)...once you have done this, your skin will be soft, glowing and super-clean too. All of Liz Earle's products are mild on the skin, are derived from plant extracts, and carry no heavy fragrance either.

Cleanse and Polish can be used to remove all make-up, including water-proof mascara, without irritating the eyes, or causing any sensitive skin flare-ups too. It's also ideal, if you either do not wear make-up, or you just want a lovely fresh pick-me-up during the day.
All the cloths are made from muslin, and can be rinsed by hand ( do not use fabric conditioner to clean them, as you could cause skin-irritation around the eyes).

Look out for Liz's products on QVC, often you will find special offers, and tester packs of new products that the Liz Earle range launches. Liz Earle also has a website too, where you can order the products. A try-me/travel size of the cleanser is £5.50 inc a muslin cloth. 
This lovely cleanser has won numerous beauty awards now, and it's really not hard to see why!