Tuesday, 6 August 2013


Hello Everyone! 

We have decided to create a small space on the internet to record our views, thoughts and preferences in the beauty/fashion world. There may be a few cheeky other topics thrown into the mix as well - see what takes our fancy!

We are a mother (Mandy) and daughter (Rachel) duo who constantly pinch each others ideas, give each other tips and generally help each other out in these departments. This then brought us to think maybe others would be interested in what works for us too and here we are!

So I'm going to start us off with the first post (of many more to come!) Recently I subscribed to GlossyBox for three months of beauty box samples to try. I've absolutely loved it! and I thought i'd do a little blog post on my favourite samples.

Okay so I've narrowed it down to five definite favourites that I will be buying again.

This is the Figs and Rouge cherry blossom lip balm - it's as good as it's sounds and 100% natural ingredients. I have awful chapped lips all year round and I'm an obsessive picker, although this hasn't stopped me doing that, it really nourishes. An added bonus if you can't be bothered with a lipstick or gloss just throw this on and go! It's so pigmented and no one would know the difference. At only £4.95 it's a very good contender for Burt's Bees. 

This is the Jelly Pong pong fairy lashes mascara in black - one great perk of the GlossyBox experience is discovering brands you would never normally. And here's one of mine! My lashes are terrible they're small, and don't take to mascara very well normally (or is it just bad mascaras?) But this is such a gentle product that doesn't clump, it lasts me all day in work, doesn't run down my face (huge bonus for me!) and makes my abysmal lashes stand out. Gold start Jelly Pong! This is out of stock at the moment! :( Keep an eye out for it.

Now this baby is all over the blogging world! It is of course the Caudalie divine oil , this can be used on the body face and hair but I wanted to use it to make a luxurious bath. I am so glad I did! I was having a particularly stressful week so I popped about a tenth (precise!) into my bath water hopped on in and have not felt so relaxed in such a long time! I am putting my relaxation on a huge scale all down to this - absolutely amazing. I felt so soft, so relaxed and as if i was at an expensive hotel having a treatment. 100/10 Caudalie - amazing product! This is £24.30 on Feel Unique for 100ml. 

This is the MONU professional skincare hydrating moisturiser SPF15 - Over the last few weeks we've been having some insane summer weather in Britain and this has been my saviour. I apply it after i've washed my face in the morning ready for my tinted moisturiser (my skin has needed the double combo). I had a 30ml sample and still have tonnes to use even though I've been using it everyday. It has a very fresh smell, a light texture and I feel all the better for using it during this hot weather - I'm not so sure my normal moisturisers would withstand it. 

Last but certainly not least! I've saved the best for last (cheesy!) this has to be my favourite product from GlossyBox. With the hot weather recently a facial spritz from anatomicals has been a very welcome addition to my daily routine! I've also been using this as a pre-make up remover with cotton wool pads - I have noticed from GlossyBox reviews that many people don't know what to do with it. I would say don't expect too much from the products and you can often find your own uses that suit you! So basically I've used it like a toner, it's refreshing, fresh scented.. I can't quite describe it but it isn't offensive. My only complaint Anatomicals! is that I can't find it anywhere to purchase the specified stockists don't seem to have it, frustrating! But it's £6.00

R x